Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We are proud to have served Central Texas for 25+ years!
Q: Do you give free estimates?
A: Yes, we always provide free estimates and in-home or off-site consultations.
Q: Do you use contract labor to install or service your products?
A: No, we have a team of professional installers and licensed electricians on staff.
Q: Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
A: Yes, we have been an accredited BBB member since 1987 and maintain an A+ rating.
Q: How much do your products cost?
A: The prices of our products vary greatly since everything we offer is completely custom made. Please call a sales consultant for pricing information.
Q: What type of warranties do you offer?
A: Our warranties vary on the type of product and manufacturer. Warranty claims are handled by Texas Sun and Shade.
Q: Do you work outside of the Central Texas area?
A: Texas Sun and Shade focuses on the Central Texas regions but have and will make exceptions under special circumstances.
Q: How long will it take to install my products?
A: Installation times vary greatly with the complexity of the project. Visit with your personal consultant
for an estimated timeline.
Q: All of your products are custom made, how long will it take to receive my order?
A: From time of order until time of installation, our typical delivery time ranges from 2 to 5 weeks.
Q: Does Texas Sun and Shade support local charities?
A: Texas Sun and Shade proudly offers support to many organizations at a local, national, and international
level. Some of these include: Austin Children’s Shelter, Safe Place, The Smile Train, and Ministry of Challenge.